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Joke: The Reason Why I Hate Indian Movies-Mr Rational

The Reason Why I Hate Indian Movies-RationalTVThe Reason Why I Hate Indian Movies
I was watching URBAN TV today,but at a point,i picked up the remote and changed to a channel that was showing hindi movies, I love the indian Ladies coz i think
they're the most beautiful ladies
Anyway, that's by the way...
Meanwhile the movie is all about a rich girl who fell in love with a poor guy in Delhi (India's Capital) At a point,the movie was getting boring, Just as i picked up the remote to change the channel again,i noticed the girl and the guy was running away together to a private area, immediately i saw this i just kept the remote and focused my mind again on the movie, The guy and the girl rushed into a
secluded building,closedthe door,pulled down the curtains to make sure Nobody could see them from outside.
At this point,i positioned myself very well on my seat waiting for them to start "Doing it" But To my greatest surprise,they just ran inside the bedroom and started SINGING! . . . . Like WTF??
I Just switched off the Television and cried for 3hours.
Hahahahaha please share


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