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Niger Delta youths reacts to Army to launch Operation Crocodile smile in S'South, S'West

 Niger Delta  youths reacts to Army to launch Operation Crocodile smile in S'South, S'West
Press Release , 18.09.2017
As Operation Python Dance in the South-East region continues to generate controversy, the Nigerian Army said on Saturday 16th september 2017 that it would launch an Operation, Crocodile Smile II, which would cover the South-South region and some parts of the South-West. He said “We had Operation Harbin Kunama II covering the North-West and parts of the North-Central this year. As soon as we are done with Egwu Eke II (Python Dance), we are also going on Crocodile Smile II that will cover the South-South and some parts of the South-West of the country.''
A group of Niger Delta youths has disagreed with the federal government and military. Speaking on behalf of the group, the Senior Director of M.R.L Publisher , Mr Rational, said this in an interview with RationalTV on Sunday, monitored by our correspondent.
''With the news I heard this morning that nigeria army are trying to extend the ongoing ''Operation Crocodile Smile II'' in South east region to South South makes me laugh out loud. Because they are trying to step on a tiger's tail. Biafra Security Service (BSS) is very peaceful Compared to Militants. Though niger deltans ,We are not currently on any agitation, apart from the viral rumour that we are siding the Biafra's agitation. I am not speaking on behalf of militants or any terrorist group but I am standing, speaking boldly on behalf of all niger deltans. Because as long as niger delta is concerned Operation Crocodile Smile II should be distanced from us. I don't really know the reason why, Buratai is trying to bring the bloody Operation to our nation. I can say this is totally Lack of vision and agenda on the part of the country's leadership. And for some of my Niger delta brothers and sisters who is still supporting this evil, remember they've come for the Igbos using the code Operation Python dance II which claimed many innocent life of the citizens of this country and if you keep silent what do you think will happen when they decides to come for us with Crocodile Smile II? This is purely undemocratic, this government is a cheat to democracy. We have to speak up. They want to come to our door step, and leave their regular trade mark -- tears, sorrow and blood. Lets forget about tribe , humanity matters.
I PROTEST!!! THIS IS A DEMOCRACY NOT AN INTERREGNUM!!! The South west and the South East should protest against this too. The Military is wasting the $593million US Weapons recently purchased. Violence is not the solution. Tribalism is the current problem we are facing in this country.
When being asked. What he thinks will end this current problem facing the country. He added '' I agree with the Former Abia State governor, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, According to him, creation of an additional state in the South-east zone, would put it at par with the other zones in the country. To create more states in the south East would end this agitation totally. He added.


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