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RationalTV: 2019: Nigerians will decide if Buhari will run for second term – BSO

2019: Nigerians will decide if Buhari will run for second term – BSO
The Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) has stated that only Nigerians have the power to decide whether President Muhammad Buhari should vie for second term or not.
BSO noted that it was Nigerians that brought Buhari back into the country’s mainstream politics after he (Buhari) had decided to quit Nigerian politics in 2011 and the same Nigerians would decide his faith in 2019.
According to the new national chairman of the organization, Alhaji Umar Shuaibu, it was too early to start talking about 2019 presidential election.
He said, “If you look at the past, even prior to 2015 general election, Mr. President said he was not going to contest after the 2011 election. But so many Nigerians, including me, agitated and urged him to remain in Nigerian politics.
“So, his second term bid is not going to be his personal decision. It is going to be the decision of Nigerians. And there is still time for that, because we are still in 2017, not in 2018 or 2019.”
Shuaibu, described as unfortunate, the comment accredited to a serving minister on the second-term bid of Mr. President and wondered why the minister had decided to overheat the politics at this time.
“As a serving minister she is supposed to be working and not to start campaigning. Why has she decided to overheat the politics now? I have never seen somebody inside a government, campaigning for somebody outside.‎
“You see so many people came into this administration from different perspectives.
“Before the 2015 election, there was a phenomenon we called, ‘The Buhari Hurricane’, which swept all dicks and harry, including the scorpions, the snakes, and what have you, into the All Progressives Congress (APC), at that time.
“We know that there are one or two persons who are not supposed to be within the system,”‎ he said.


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