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RationalTV: Asari dokubo, Tompolo,Niger delta Avengers begins move to defend and protect Nnamdi kanu

RationalTV: Asari dokubo, Tompolo,Niger delta Avengers begins move to defend and protect Nnamdi kanuThe police said, "we came to wait for the court orders to rearrest Nnamdi Kanu".. That's how it started.. 6000 officers moved into Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Ebonyi, just to ARREST KANU.. nwoke is larger than life, I swear.
Mrs Obiefuna, my primary school teacher told me that the job of the military was to protect the territorial integrity of a country against EXTERNAL AGGRESSION.. I sang that like a rhyme until the military was brought in too.. Was I thought a wrong definition?
Python dance 1 died on arrival, so for 2nd Egwu Eke the Army listed 6 SE states and also 6 SS states were on crocodile smile.. "its 5 SE states", I argued and the 6th has not been created.. Not true, to the northerners Rivers State is South East, to them SE & SS exist only on paper.. In further maths class, I was taught subset A intercept subset B at Rivers State..
PH and Obigbo are under siege now too..
Don't forget, we are still waiting for the orders to arrest Kanu, a Battalion went to rehearse or have a "MOCK arrest".. Like mock WAEC but one Battalion is 1200 soldiers..
Dokubo Asari, Tompolo Ekpemupolo and NDA have all "missiled" their emissaries to Afara Ukwu.. Good! Umunne shout Good!!.. That alone is a representation of Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers state against OUR COMMON ENEMY.. Where are those efulefus reciting, "Ika not Igbo" only at Zuckervillie.. A motion moved by overfeeding and seconded by cheap data.. An Igbo adage have replied you all, "when the corpse starts decaying, the friends that are better than a brother disappears!".. Abeg Ijaw, Itshekiri, Urhobo etc ekele m unu.. Waadooo!!
The best road sign for the southern roads now is not "Men at work" but " Biafran Unity at Work"..
Now Rumuigbo and Rumuokoro are JUST names of streets.. The owners are Biafrans.. Leave android screen, come to Mile 2 or Ariaria and argue this.. Make Obiakpor boys conduct brain transplant for you! Nkogheri fall on you!
Back to the topic.. Rearrest Kanu!
Okezie Victor Ikpeazu imposes dusk to dawn curfew for the few.. Rubbish! He thinks its child's play.. During wartime only a TRUCE can be signed.. Meanwhile, as Warri no de carry last, Aba naa ebu uzo àchó.. Newton's law about action and reaction.. One Aba-Ngwa boy was downed, reaction took 8 abokis, yet Aba said "reaction was not equal and opposite", Newton's law was disobeyed. One is to 1000 is the target ratio.. Awusa ga ahu ihe this time!
To Anambra, Willie Obiano is busy with his campaign poster printers.. Two months away. Maybe he will write "Vote or I shoot" on his posters and place them on the armoured personnel carriers (APC) for campaigns.. Did I just see APC on this write up?.. Then this is hate speech.. You naa HATE READER!
But every new day, more souls loose their confidence in the system.. Victory for IPOB and Biafra is at sight.
Everything seems to be on Nnamdi Kanu's script.. BSS was inaugurated, provocatively but timely.. All TV stations have moved to little Umuahia.. All news bars and breaking news be like "Kanu is eating", "Kanu coughed", Kanu this Kanu that.. Dimkpa Nwokeh.. Nnamdi Kanu be like John Cena.. "You can't see me!".. Check out his interviews, articulately composed like it was crammed since 1983.. Hate him as much as you can but give him his marks!.. That's even the bone of all his struggle..
How will you see that self, when soldiers are attacking NUJ offices, Judiciary, transporters and all the "branches" of IPOB.
Kids in school be like,"Nnamdi Kanu is the Governor General of Nigeria".. This is Buhari's biggest headache!.. Kanuism is spreading faster than harmattan fire at Sambisa Forest!.
But in all remember, Mohammed Yusuf was "just talking" until his members were ambushed and killed, that was the birth of Boko Haram and Shekau. Nelson Mandela was just talking until white apartheid extremist unbearably killed plenty protesting blacks and he took up arms and the ANC militant wing was born, apartheid died.. One day you will add, "Kanu was just talking until the clueless fools of PDP vs APC took war to him and the zoo was burnt down!..
Biafra was born!!


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