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RationalTV: I was threatened by Linda ikeji to deny the Don Jazzy sexual affairs-Queen DiNa Ikoma

Queen DiNa Ikoma had a sexual scandal with The Mavin Boss Don Jazzy. She posted it to her facebook status on sunday 24th september 2017. With The caption '' Don Jazzy is impotent. After several hot unprotected s*x with him I still can’t get pregnant.
No wonder he refused to marry. He’s infertile.
Letter the next day, she recanted her statement saying she was misunderstood. Bellow is the caption“I wasn’t actually refering to his s*x life. Maybe Media misunderstood me. I never had s*x with him before. We were just friends in social media. So he promised to assist me in my career. We chatted that night letter I wasn’t able to chat with him again.
I became very eager .So letter I wanted to write ‘ Don Jazzy is important’ but my smart phones autocorrect changed the spelling to something else and therefore causing the media misinterprete my statement. I have never one day said that we had s*x or talked about pregnancy. Please media should stop spreading the rumour about me.”
Now she have placed another confusion on board again. This morning she posted to her facebook page again saying '' I was threatened to recant the truth. And I am no longer afraid of her threats, I must speak boldly now ''. As everybody was confused. RationalTV NG decided to go into a private chat interview with her to find out who she was really refering to and what truth was she threatened to recant.
Though at last she finally opened up to RationalTV NG that She was being threatened by Lindaikeji to recant the statement she earlier made on sunday morning
Read the excerpt of the interview bellow.
RationalTV NG: Who is Queen DiNa

Queen DiNa: Well , as you can see Queen DiNa is a musician and a song writer. I am 16, hails from garden city Rivers state nigeria.

RationalTV NG : Could you please talk a little on your back­ground?
Queen DiNa: My background in what aspect?
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RationalTV NG:Family and childhood

Queen DiNa:OK. I am the 6th born of my family. I have 10 siblings. All born and raised in Port Harcourt, we are all Christians. I grew up in a home where watching of movies was prohibited by my father because he said it's going to corrupt us, it was all about music. I started listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Lucky Dube, Breda Fassie etc. It was fun though.

RationalTV NG:What was your parent’s position on your choice of music as a career?

Queen DiNa: I think they have no position as far as it doesn't make me drop out of school. They wish me a better future and nobody knows tomorrow, music may be the best for me.

RationalTV NG : Which record label are you in and how do you tend to get recognized in the highly competitive Nigerian market?

Queen DiNa: Am not yet in a Label, still searching. Am a versatile artiste and my music is very easy to understand by everyone.

RationalTV NG: Are we expecting any album from you soon?

Queen DiNa: Not yet. Just singles

RationalTV NG: How do fans react when they meet you?

Queen DiNa:They are overwhelmed that am a very quiet and gentle person. Which they least expected from an artiste.

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RationalTV NG: Now lets goto the current issue. How did you meet mavin boss Don Jazzy
Queen DiNa: we met at I CONCUR CONCERT Held by timaya at port harcourt on Saturday, December 19 2015 . I told him about my career. And he promised to assist me. Several times he invites me to lagos and we do meet.

RationalTV NG: What do you love about him

Queen DiNa: nothing much, just his vocal and his sexual prowess.

RationalTV NG: sexual prowess?? Is he really impotent as you claim ?

Queen DiNa: I don't wanna talk about it

RationalTV NG: Hmmmm okay why did you bring down the news and called it a rumour ?

Queen DiNa: I was threatened to do so.

RationalTV NG: By who if we may ask ?

Queen DiNa: I don't wanna talk about it

RationalTV NG: We heard about his relationship affair with Lindaikeji, is she the one that threatened you ?

Queen DiNa: maybe

RationalTV NG: Hmm so what happened when she threatened you ? Where you afraid?

Queen DiNa: never I can't be afraid of my fellow lady despite their status or age.

RationalTV NG: After the news got viral your account went private. And letter in the day we were able to reach your facebook page. Did you changed your facebook id ?

Queen DiNa: (Laughs) Yea I did , I got series of text from facebook about trying to change my password which I didn't embark on. To cut the story short , my account was attacked by hackers trying to hack it for their selfish reasons. Immediately I deactivated the account for some hours then letter activated it and I quickly changed my identity. Not just that, in every five minutes, I got close to 100 friend requests and lots of private messenges. Which is not normal to facebook terms and which could lead to my account bane.

RationalTV NG : So, what have you been up to recently? What has been keeping you busy?

Queen DiNa: nothing much just my single which is dropping soon Though Busy with school and music. Cooking up some good music.

RationalTV NG: Tell us about your sex life?

Queen DiNa:Am straight.

RationalTV NG: Do you have crush on anyone in the industry?

Queen DiNa:Not really. If yes , that should be PATORANKING


Queen DiNa:First of all I think of the kind of audiences am going to entertain then I know the right song to perform, costume to put on, right word to communicate with the listeners.

RationalTV NG: What is your relationship status ?

Queen DiNa:Single

RationalTV NG: Searching or relaxing

Queen DiNa:(laughs)Let's say not searching. But Very busy with music


Queen DiNa:Thanks to the fans for believing in me at first I won't disappoint you guys. I love you all

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