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RationalTV: My Ex-Girlfriend Named Her Child All My Names Just Because She Loved Me

I am an introvert. My ex wooed me. My relationship with her was going on perfectly until she told me that she doesn't loved me, I was angry to the extend it leads to her and my family quarrelling 5years ago. I broke up with her, along the line she and her family reconciled with my family (except me because i don't want anything to bring us together again).
She was impregnated by another guy last year, so she gave birth last two week Thursday.
All my family members went to her visited her at the hospital (except i). She did her naming ceremony which i was invited but i didn't attend but she named her new born baby my names because she still love me (which my elder brother told me she told him). I felt bad after hearing that.
Should i visit her just to say hi or i sholdnt?
Please dont mind my english, I am familiar with french more than english..


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