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RationalTV: Only fools would not worship Nnamdi Kanu - Nigerian man says

Only fools would not worship Nnamdi Kanu - Nigerian man saysIt is no longer news that some Biafra supporters have elevated Nnamdi Kanu to some sort of demi-god status, with some even going as far as calling him ' Jesus' and 'Messiah'.
Some have even claimed that the IPOB leader healed them of their diseasesand went as far as worshipping him.
Facebook user, Udummiri Nwakalu, who once made headlines for tearing the Bible on live video, is in the news again, this time for showing his support for Kanu.
Nwakalu wrote on Facebook, stating that whosoever does not deem it fit to worship Kanu is not just a coward, but a fool as well.
Sharing the post he wrote:
"Brave men worship our leader Nnamdi Kanu, fools worship other nonsense. Our leader is God, the one who created me. If you don't like him, delete me from your list."


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