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RationalTV: Open letter to Davolee YBNL by angry fan

open letter to Davolee YBNL by loyal fans

On November 12, 2016OLAMIDEannounced via his Facebook and Instagram accounts the signing of new Dope Rapper Know asDavolee
Olamide has been known to favour a two-year contract with his sign-ons in the belief that it is enough period for them to stand on their ‘two feet.’ though I don't know Davolee signing limit which I am very sure he was also signed to YBNL For just two years contract. If the contract expires, chances are it won't be renewed. That is YBNL and Olamide's policy.
E.g Lil kesh and Adekule Gold.

According to Adekule Gold while confirming his exit from YBNL , he said“My contract has expired and that's it. In YBNL you don't renew contract. Olamide signed us for two years, so that by yourself, you can hustle and make things happen. I don’t have my record label now, so I'm on my own for now… I don't know about record label and I don't have the vision to have one now.”

the rightful thoughts of Olamide from time is that his prayer stands firm on all his label artistes that after two years, all artistes he signed will not consider signing into another record label but rather they should be able to stand on their own and try and help other people.
Before Lil Kesh left YBNL he was reportedly financially buoyant enough to fund his projects and music videos. Not just that , he has already become famous to market whatever art work he presents.

Lil kesh was signed to YBNL around may 2014 but in just few months after the signing, Lil kesh broke out with massive hits of his single Shoki.

Now lets calculate the already exceeded volume of capacity by DAVOLEE in his two years contract in YBNL . Starting from November 12, 2016 when Olamide officially announced his signing worldwidely till date September 30, 2017, just few weeks to total Davolee's contract 1 year old. Yet he is still struggling to be known.
Uptil now nobody knows Davolee, only those on social media can tell who Davolee is and not everybody can. I have gone very far to ask who is Davolee both on streets and social media. But only few could say he is YBNL signee. While the rest says 'we don't know him'.
 Open letter to Davolee YBNL
Despite that he was featured in Olamide-Pepper Dem Gang he is still not yet known worldwide.
Not that I am condemning him but what I trying to say is that , please brother Davolee your time is running up. You have just one year and six weeks to make your name else you go back to hawk pure water on the streets of Mushin, Lagos the street where Olamide picked you up.

No street hit, No gist and no beef . I bet you without these above mentioned, people hardly know you . And If you don't make a name for your self now, I am afraid by the time you might have exceeded your contract with YBNL, your own ends there. Please try to light your fire now that you have the matches and fuel right in your hand.

Is your number one fan Mr Rational Laughter. Please find my letter very helpful. I wrote this letter because I wish you success in all your endeavors. However I believe very strongly that your latest single CIROCING is gone do you justice. I am still praying for you on that.
Thank you. AND GOD bless you as you read.


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